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Author: Alex from michigan

dan, according to penis size calculator, you can get up to 3 inches in 6 months if you wear SizeGenetics every day. Your penis will be 7 inches long. Results are permanent. You can get even more if you continue SizeGenetics penis enlargement program.

Author: dan from SizeGenetics Forum

what is the maximum gain I can get using Size Genetics? I'm now only 4 inches.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

Message to web site owner: For some reason every other "review" site shows only one person's opinion. It cannot be unbiased. This is one of a few true sizegenetics forums with honest sizegenetics reviews from different people. Thank you for providing this.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

this traction extender works for me thank you!

Author: Peter O. from SizeGenetics Forum

2garry: remember there are no muscles in penis? In the meantime, I would like to report that my gains are 1 1/2" after 2 months!

Author: garry from SizeGenetics Forum

The tension theory in penis extenders is in many ways similar to the microtears that happen in your muscles when you go to the gym. That is why a heavy amount of protein should positively affect penis gains just like for your muscles!

Author: not average from SizeGenetics Forum

I take much more protein and anabolic supplements than the "average Joe". How will this affect penis growth?

Author: Discount from Discount

GQ Magazine, the BBC and many online review sites rank the SizeGeneticsô system as being the best for quick and permanent penis enlargement. Also for a limited time only you can recieve a $50.00 DISCOUNT off this amazing penis enlargement system. Enter ECON8 at the checkout for your 'credit crunch' discount.

Author: Anonymous from you know :)

Men please do not expect really fast results. You need to give sizegenetics time in order for your penis to become bigger.

Author: Nick from Ohio

BTW guys I keep wearing Size Genetics device. My current measurements now after 5 months are: Erect Length: 8.5" Erect Girth: 6.5".

Author: Nick from Ohio

I measured my penis once every two weeks. I don't think you should measure it more often, this can be discouraging (because gains do not appear in a few days). For some reason I didn't see any gain after first two weeks. I was about to throw it away but fortunately changed my mind :) My second penis size measurement showed one extra inch! So guys don't give up!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

thanks nick how long was it before u began seeing results?

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

the best rating? i will give this sizegenetics a try!

Author: Nick from Ohio

I do not think you need exercises. SizeGenetics extender and penis enhancement pills were enough for me to enlarge from 6" to 8.5"!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

has everyone been using the exercises along with the device and pills? i dont have much time to do the exercises, i use most of my spare time wearing the device, will i still see gains?

Author: MuscleHead from Tx

Alright, serious question here. When I jerk off, my unit gets sore. I have the sex drive of a 14-year old and go at it SEVERAL times a day sometimes. Some of you dudes making decent gains, what were your masturbation habits like? Cause i'm thinking i might take a chance overworking my penis.

Author: Peter O. from SizeGenetics Forum

I gained 1/2" now. I have no problems adjusting the traction. My 5 stars after the first month.

Author: Alex from michigan

I don't think you should "go ahead". Only adjust when you need it according to your program and your will get amazing results - as I did!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

it is i plan on adjusting it in the coming weeks but im trying to go ahead and figure it out now

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

isn't it to early to start adjusting traction?

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

ive been using the device now for about 2 weeks and im having trouble adjusting the traction.

Author: Alex from michigan

Yes penis extenders like Size Genetics are known to cure penile curvature!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

my penis is not straight, will sizegenetics help me?

Author: Alex from michigan

yes sizegenetics will help you grow from 5" to 7" in 3-4 months!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

im 5 inches wanna be 7 inches is it possible?

Author: Alex from michigan

Good luck Peter, remember to wear Size Genetics as long as possible, at least 4 hours per day. You will be amazed!

Author: Peter O. from SizeGenetics Forum

Got the box today, it looks very good! The device is very nice, looks promising. All manuals, codes, instructions are OK! My 5 stars for the delivery and device!

Author: Peter O. from SizeGenetics Forum

OK guys I decided to try it! Will let you know my results!

Author: BRIAN from SizeGenetics Forum

nc, You are right, Most penis extenders are very similar and they work in the similar way. If most men are happy with sizegenetics in this forum, you will be to. SIZE GENETICS IS THE BEST!

Author: nc from US

2 Peter: just read this size genetics forum and you will inderstand why sizegenetics is better. I gained almost an inch after only 1 month.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

sizegen is better because you can get a 50 USD discount with SGSC50 coupon, right?

Author: Peter O. from New Jersey

I don't beleive it's better then all other devices. Please prove!

Author: j from us

size genetics extender is better than proextender and x4extender

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

SizeGenetics vs ProExtender vs X4Extender: what is better?

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

I want to choose from ProExtender and X4Extender, am I wrong? Should I take a closer look at SizeGenetics?

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum


Author: BRIAN from NEW YORK

Itís a great I am now so confident, Iíve gained 1.6 inches in length and Iím 1/4 inch wider as well. IT'S ALL SIZE GENETICS RESULTS.

Author: ViC from wild west

Sizegen works!

Author: Discount from Discount

Click on the "Size Genetics official site" on this forum, wait until site is loaded, then proceed to the order page and enter this code in the E-VOUCHER field when you order the full system at $389.85: SGSC50 - you will get a $50 discount!!!

Author: nc from US

My goal is to gain 2 inches in 3 months

Author: nc from US

I see gains after only 2 weeks

Author: Mr Big from US

I am the first to admit in this sizegenetics forum that I am not the one to compare different extedners. I love this extender because it works and I havenīt tried or reviewed others, the doctor say that they are garbage anyway. But if Iīd look for a good extender today, I would pick sizegenetics again!

Author: jerry from SizeGenetics Forum

waste of money

Author: J Lee from China

this is working very well, im using it second month, will continue!!!!!

Author: j from us

great product recommend to anyone

Author: brown from SizeGenetics Forum

thank you Alex!

Author: Alex from michigan

reply to mike 99: sure your choice is sizegenetics system, penis pump is rip-off, sizegenetics penis extender works for me!

Author: Alex from michigan

reply to brown: my congratulations on you new penis extender. I have had mine for a while now and have it all figured out. I am now starting to see the gains and expect a lot more.

Author: mike 99 from SizeGenetics Forum

size genetics penis extender or penis pumps?

Author: Alex from michigan

I use the sizegenetics penis extender for 4 to 6 hours every day. Sometimes I use it even at work (and no one notices it), from what I see, the longer I wear it, the faster I see results.

Author: brown from SizeGenetics Forum

I did enough research on penis extenders before I purchased this size genetics extender. Most of the sites claim it is the best extender. I'm happy to confirm it and report serious gains without any discomfort!

Author: Alex from michigan

Wow this stuff really works! I got almost 1 extra inch after only 1 month of using this product.

Author: a from q

like it

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

always forget to put it on

Author: Alex from michigan

I have just purchased sizegenetics system, will let you know my progress.

Author: Bruno from Milan, Italy

Yes, I live in Europe and purhchased this device, sizegenetics gained 2.5cms in 2 months!

Author: emil from Germany

did any one buy this produkt in Europe?

Author: Garth Turner from USA

Initial gains are impressive and product seems to be working.

Author: Dean from SizeGenetics Forum

It's been over 3 weeks, About 3/4 gain in length and 1/8 gain in girth so far.

Author: paul k from SizeGenetics Forum

too bad many people are skeptical about this pe thing. i bought sizegenetics 4 months ago and it works better than any pills or pumps i used to scammed. this thing really gives results.

Author: Troy from SizeGenetics Forum

SizeGenetics work. I have heard success stories from guys who have used it.

Author: maxim from usa

nice to see this extender is working I gained 2 incges in just 45 days!!!!!

Author: sweet from SizeGenetics Forum

I have no regrets investing the money that I did on this product because Iíve tried others and had bad experiences. I canít stress how liberating it feels to actually forget that you are even wearing such a device. I grew nearly double than what I had anticipated simply due to the fact that I could wear it for longer periods of time in ease.

Author: Nick from Ohio

My starting measurements were Erect Length: 6" and Erect Girth: 5 1/8". 3 months later, my statistics are as follows: Erect Length: 7.3" Erect Girth: 6".

Author: Wendy from Bristol

The Size Genetics device has been shown in numerous clinical and scientific studies to correct penis curvatures, with hundreds of case studies to back this up it is without a doubt one of the easiest and quickest ways to correct the curve in your penis.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

can this deal with bent penis?

Author: WR from USA, TX

Until recently I thought the best I could do was to perfect the motion; and that my average size was something I would just have to deal with. Now, I feel I can have both and my excitement level is indescribable. I constantly find myself day dreaming about what it would be like to have both size and stamina.

Author: Int from north

I am now a half an inch longer, and an inch bigger in girth - hope to see more results

Author: Alex 79 from CA

Now with my new penis I have an amazing gf and a self esteem that I thought I would never have!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics Forum

I had grown an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth and now was standing at 7 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches in girth

Author: S from UK

Through the program my erections have become stronger and I maintain it for a longer period of time. My wife has commented on the difference and we have sex a hell of lot more, although I couldn't complain before!

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