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Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

Hi, I wonder how do you manage to wear this device for 8 hours a day? Do you wear it when outside?

Author: Anonymous from Uk London

I would highly recommend that you wear the foam ring on the penis before wearing the device, in order to avoid slipage and discomfort just insert bellow glans

Author: Anonymous from UK London

I have been using it correctly for past 6weeks and have seen gains of around a 1/4 inch in length and curve slightly better And girth gains also I haven't even taken the tension up to 900 grams yet still on 600 going up soon so expecting higher gains my advice take it slow and be paitent, I even made gains of 1/2 inch when wearing it incorectly For a few months wearing the device shorter not longe

Author: Anonymous from USA

You can extend up to 5 inches by using SizeGenetics

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

Are there any signs of authenticity? How can I know it's not a fake?

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

Just buy it on there website.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

what are the side effects.

Author: Anonymous from Fl

I like the extender machine use it if u wanna get results trust me

Author: Nick from Ohio

I guess you can gain up to 4 inches but if you continue using SizeGenetics you can gain even more. Still, I'm not sure about 5 inches.

Author: Anonymous from San Diego

Is it possible to gain 5 inches?

Author: Conrade from Sheffield

I'd like to know about this penis extender in detail. How does it works?

Author: Anonymous from Detroit

Read previous comments re the Sizegenetics 'Comfort Strap'

Author: vik from SizeGenetics forum

I have not tried x4 extender but sizegenetics strap seems fine. It does not cause allergic reactions, it is easy to use, it does not do any harmm it does not bring pain. I am satisfied.

Author: H from SizeGenetics forum

What is better, 2-in-1 Hybrid Support Piece System from X4 Extender or SizeGenetics' Comfort Strap Technology?

Author: Anonymous from nowhere

thumbs up. that's what I think.

Author: jo from canda

is the strap hypo allergenic?

Author: ryry from u.s.a

seriously 8 to 10 hours a day for the last month. best 300 bucks ive ever spent. i dont want my money back i just wish i had it 10 years ago.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

How many hrs are you wearing the device at a time ? I wear mine two hrs than take it off and put it back on for two hrs and repeat. Can you wear it for six hrs at a time or will this cut circulation off ?

Author: Anonymous from u.s.a

8 to 10 hours a day, for the last month and its working great. i will wear it all day long for the next 4 or 5 months. " i need more rods "

Author: Penis enlargement from India

Nice forum

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

Do you put on SG when your flaccid and you stretch to fit or do you just put it on without stretching your penis to fit?

Author: 007 from SizeGenetics forum

@qwe.... How long have you been using it? Im a average 6. I dont have any complants. But would like to get to a 8. Would that be a 6month process? or longer?

Author: qwe from SizeGenetics forum

i have SG that works very well

Author: 007 from Houston

OK! so I was wondering. Sizegenetics or 4xlap penis extender? Also Fastsize seems pretty good also. What do you guys think? And for those who have any of those three. What do you recommend?

Author: SD from SizeGenetics forum

Dpn't worry about any food to speed up the enlargement. There is no magic, just eat healthy food and sizegenetics will work nice!!!

Author: Aka from TX

Say I don't want to buy any pills (I hate pills). Is there any food I can eat to speed up/help the process?

Author: cheeeseburgr from nj

do u think the results vary due to different types of penises i.e. soft skin, rough skin, loose skin, tight skin

Author: aku from SizeGenetics forum

I can not open the SIZE GENETICS main website it is blocked by provider what can i do or how can i order if i want to?

Author: aku from dubai

please gents .. tell me if this site is true and the sizegenetics is the correct product on top.. please tell me if there is any other authenticity. thanks

Author: A from California

Can you wear the device when you are erect to?

Author: MegaGain from US

SizeGenetics rocks!

Author: Nick from Ohio

Anonymous from New Zealand, I'm not sure about Male Extra and how it may affect anti-hypertensive medications. You'd better ask your doctor first. However, I'm sure SizeGenetics will help you get better erections and improve your libido no matter what medications you are taking!

Author: Anonymous from New Zealand

Has anyone had good results with these two products, in spite of having to take anti-hypertensive medication, and anti-depressants ? I'm 56 years old. I have to use these medications and they are problematic as far as libido and firm erections are concerned. I'm hoping MaleExtra and SizeGenetics can really help me have stronger erections, and a little bit more size !! Anyone have the same issues ?

Author: Anonymous from New Zealand

So far I haven't bothered with any exercises, and I don't really want to get into those. I'm hoping that the SizeGenetics extender and the MaleExtra pills will be enough to do the trick. I'd like to be able to get an extra 2" in length, and hopefully an 1" extra in girth. Basically I want a strong penis as I use medication that makes erections difficult. I'm hopping these two things help !!

Author: Annonymus from in New Zealand

I'm just finishing my first week of using SizeGenetics, and I am using MaleExtra pills as well. I bought 4 x months supply of pills, and am hoping to see good results by using the combination of both products over that length of time. Currently I am managing about 2 x hours a day using the extender. I find I get a bit sore if I try to go much longer. I haven't got time in my day for much more.

Author: Alex D. from NYC

@ 85: Did you also incorporate penis exercises too or just gained 8" inches only through using the extender ?

Author: Alex D. from NYC

Thank you ... 85. I needed the confidence boost to keep on going!

Author: 85 from SizeGenetics forum

My penis went from 6" to 8.5" in 5 months, I used sizegenetics 2 hours a day. You can grow 3" too!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

but to get these results as a sizegenetics version you bought? thanks

Author: vicky from India

hi... buddy seen growth

Author: Alex D. from NYC

Will I grow 3" inches by May ? What do you guys recommend ?

Author: Alex D. from NYC

Thanks for the response. It's just that I can only wear the sizegenetics extender because about 1 hr and 30 mins I get a burning sensation on my shaft . Why's that ?Plus, I am able to do jelqing excercise in the morning everyday, plus wear it 5 hrs on Saturday and Sunday. Will grow 3" inches May? I am currently 6.5 inches erect and 4.5 inches flaccid .??? And I started wearing the device October ?

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

if you take penis pills along with wearing penis extender, it will work faster!

Author: Nick from Ohio

1 hour and 30 minutes a day is not good but yes, you will see growth. I think it may take up to 4 months to add an inch.

Author: Otofa from Dubai

Any idea where i can buy the SG in the UAE? If i order ONLINE it might get stopped at the post office or customs. Searched online places to buy it in dubai and cant quite find. Any one knows?...

Author: Alex D. from NYC

I only have 1 hr and 30mins a day to spare to wear the sizegenetics extender. Will I be able to see growth too ? I've been wearing it for two weeks. ?????

Author: danis from penis enlargement

2 inches in 7 months!

Author: wjw from MAL

how much?

Author: danis from penis enlargement

sizegenetics good

Author: Will from SizeGenetics forum

I personally take "male extra" penis pills. They work very well with "size genetics".

Author: Sam from TN

Comcerning penis pills I have heard that they work well with exteders, Which do you all think works the best, THS.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

sizegenetics is much better than all other devices. I tried x4 and vacuum pump, they suck.

Author: steve from arkansas

does this really work?

Author: Max from Louisiana

I vote for size genetics device as THE BEST PENIS ENLARGEMENT METHOD! Ever.

Author: Max from Louisiana

I spent more than $750 on penis enlargement pills, patches and even exercises - nothing worked! Penis exercises are scam. Penis pills gave me nothing but headaches. Penis pathes gave me nothing at all. Finally I decided to spend another $300 and try size genetics device. This is amazing, I went from 6" to 7" in 2 months! Here is my advice, you can save those $750 and buy only penis extender!

Author: JACK from SizeGenetics forum


Author: Anonymous from 4

good device

Author: A from CT

R. from LA I'll buy yours, i will just sterilize the hell out of it...haha

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

there is no time chart of how to use the device or detaied helpful information which increases the chance of injury to the corpora ; any one with any recomendations in how to use and which time should it be weared ??

Author: Anonymous from USA

I see people keep making the same comments about some exercises, I did not see any info on this when I made my purchase. Do the exercises work? And if so can someone explain to me how to do these exercises. And if you don't do them will it work just using the stretch metod?

Author: Nick from Ohio

Don't worry about that, this can happen when you are tired after a good sex or your erection is not that hard. I had the same problem twice but I kept using SizeGenetics. It'll be 4 3/4" again soon and then keep growing.

Author: Anonymous from USA

Before I started I had a 4" girth & only after 2 months I was 4 3/4" & was amazed & so happy, then 2 days later I measured 4" again & I'm so bummed out! Has this ever happenned to anyone else? I know I measured right, I don't make mistakes like that, the night it was 4 3/4" I had sex & It was without doubt bigger, the wife verified it also. Can anyone explain?

Author: Anonymous from Japan


Author: Anonymous from Thailand

Use it for 3 weeks and gain 0.4 inches girth, but the length is hard to measure since you can put it deep into pubis. But all seems to work fine. Will rate in the next progress.

Author: Anonymous from BR

went from 5" to 7" in 5 months

Author: MP from US

My SG came in 2 days. It took some tinkering but I figured out the tension screws adjustment rods. SG gives good stretch. And lots of rods comes with SG. the rods does pinch the skin on my balls at times under clothes, and in bed but a thin sock fixes that. I think SG just may work. comfort strap is not too simple to use now, but in time I think it will get easier.

Author: nov from america

i purchased it after using fastsize, sizegenetics is much better, hope to gain more than 2 inches

Author: bravo from SizeGenetics forum

one more note, i decided to try because sizegenetics has some kind of money back guarantee but i dont need it just because sizegenetics works great and now i want more and more inches!

Author: bravo from SizeGenetics forum

i read this sizegenetics forum for some time then decided to try, ordered sizegenetics 3 weeks ago, got it 2 weeks ago, started my penis enlargement program and already gained almost half an inch, sizegenetics is great thank you everybody in this forum!

Author: Momo from Hungary

Awesome device... I recommend it to everyone.

Author: Nick from Ohio

Anonymous from Calgary, just make sure your device is not too tight and your penis will never turn purple. It doesn't matter how you wear it up or down.

Author: Howdydoody from CA

Just making sure this is a real forum so i did not rate it

Author: Anonymous from calgary

Hi all, 2 questions. My penis head turns purple after about 30-45 minutes of wearing the device, is that ok? Another is does it matter if you wear the device pointing up or down? Regards,

Author: Anonymous from N

Size Genetics is the best male enhancement device ever! Works very fast, results are permanent!

Author: Anonym from Il

I'm very satisfied with my extender!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

what is better jes-extender or size genetics?

Author: Nick from Ohio

Yes, you can get 2 inches in 6 months. Moreover, if you take penis pills for 6 months - one pill per day - and wear SizeGenetics at least 2 hours per day, you are likely to get 3 inches or even more! This is not my opinion, this is public stats.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

if i take penis enlargement pills and use penis extender, will I get 2 inches in 6 months?

Author: Anonymous from CA

R.: I don't think anyone wants a SizeGenetics that had another persons penis in it, lol. Actually, I could very well be wrong about that.

Author: Jimbo from New York

This product is great. I especially like it with the pills. I noticed growth after 3-4 weeks.

Author: R. from LA

This extender device is good, I added 3.5 inches in 10 months and I don't need SizeGenetics anymore. Can I sell it anywhere?

Author: GB from CA

I've been using PS pills for 2 months & they seem to work fine. I want to buy SizeGenetics to go along with them. I went to SG order page weeks ago to see what the price was for SG & noticed they were offering PS pills. I went back today to find they now offer MaleExtra. They're brand new & have more ing than PS. Any1 know about ME? Same info on all sites & no reviews. Any help appreciated, thx.

Author: Anonymous from Belguim

1 month since I got my package. Sizegenetics work very well, no side effects and pains. Some forums say it may hurt but no, it doesn't. I will give it my honest 5 stars.

Author: one of many from so cal

jsut wanted to make sure this is a legit forum. Im about to try this product to reduce my curve. ill let you all know how it goes :)

Author: andre from toronto

im deciding if i should get this or the x4? i dont like to take any pills and it seems to get good results with the sizegenetics, u should take the pills also? for the x4, no pills are mentioned nor required it seems. please help me decide: size genetics with no pills or x4?

Author: one inch gain from SizeGenetics forum

this is really great and you don't have to take any pills that can cause heart related problems, i don't want it, that's why I choose sizegenetics penis extender and results are good without negative side effects!

Author: E. from France

Most other sites say the same as this sizegenetics forum and I think we can trust it. I will order sizegenetics now. This seems to be the best penis extender device that works for most users. Thanks!

Author: E. from France

Is there any other places where I can find sizegenetics reviews? I mean I trust this sizegenetics forum, it looks honest but I would like to find more reviews.

Author: Scott from fL

Just got mine 6 days ago. I've been wearing it about 8 hours/day. Already seems to be a little gain in girth, but nothing in length yet....I'm going to keep at it! The most difficult part was finding the right length to start with, but I think I finally got it sorted out. I'll let you know in about 3 more weeks!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

SizeGenetics is very good. I've just started and already see more girth.

Author: Nick from Ohio

Just stick to SizeGenetics alone and it will work good. Forget about penis pills until you are at least 20 y.o.

Author: Nick from Ohio

I think 19 years is too early to start taking penis pills but penis extender should work fine for you. As far as I know half an inch in 6 months is pretty well if you take pills, SizeGenetics will work faster and you can gain up to 2 inches in 6 months. If you combine both methods it will grow even faster but I am not sure if it's OK for you.

Author: many from ca

hello guys i have aquetion if im 19 years old will the sizegenetics program work for me? im also taking prosolution and doing exercises but they haven't that good. Ive gained like half an inch in like 6 months. is a extender better than exercises? wat do u guys think? thanks guys

Author: Nick from Ohio

Of course not! The term "stretching" is not actually correct. Size Genetics penis extender does not stretch cells in your penis. It causes cell duplication which creates new healthy cells and you will gain length AND girth.

Author: d from uk

By stretching, do you not lose width/girth?

Author: PE from USA

There is no discomfort and there are no side effects. You don't need to use a condom.

Author: Anonymous from montreal

how come my sizegenetics dont move like in the tutorial are u serious how come there is no movement how do i make it happend please someone help im confused here

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

hi can i wear a condom while using sizegenetic to avoid discomfort thank you

Author: PE from USA

I added 3 inches, without side effects

Author: Nick from Ohio

If it still streches your penis, that's OK. Don't hurry up, adjust the traction when you feel you can go ahead.

Author: Anonymous from CA

ya i have bine using sizegenetics for 2 weeks 12 hours a day an my penis looks heavyer and meatier but was wondering if the adjusting the traction like in the dvd matters because my devis dosent do that it still streches my penis though does that mean iam not doing it right?

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

I started sizegenetics and penis health program only a week ago. It was a bit painful at the very beginning then I understood how to wear it right and I feel no discomfort when wearing up to 5 hours a day. Noticed first changes already.

Author: Stanley from El Monte, California

I feel excited, I only used this penis extender for a single week and my penis already enlarged. Size Genetics works wonderful, I added both girth and length, even my flaccid penis looks bigger. I recommend SizeGenetics to everyone, enjoy it!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

Thank you very much, this one: "ECON8" worked for me and I saved $50. Thanks SizeGenetics Forum!!!

Author: Size Genetics discount from SizeGenetics coupon codes

Use these sizegenetics promo codes to get a massive discount: SGCS39, ECON8. Both these coupons offer $50 off SizeGenetics. Enjoy today as these special offers may expire soon.

Author: Nick from Ohio

Probably not but you can perform penis exercises in addition to wearing SizeGenetics penis extender. This should improve your erection and stamina.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

can this device cure erection problems

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

Very nice device thank you guys in sizegenetics forum. Works even better with penis enlargement pills, I ordered 3 months supply of prosolution.

Author: Joe from SF

The SizeGenetics penis extender is extremely easy to use, thanks for the instructional DVD. I've been wearing SizeGenetics for 3-5 hours a day, 5 (sometimes 6) days a week. I didn't see results at first 2 weeks but after a third week I noticed my penis became heavier and a bit longer. Now after only 1 month my wife noticed improvements and she is trying to find out what's happened. Ha-ha!

Author: Anonymous from USA

Increased penis length & girth inches, simply amazing!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

It was a bit painful when I started the SizeGenetics penis extension program but now it's OK. It's been only 1 month since I started and I notice my penis starts growing.

Author: Anonymous from Miami

SizeGenetics penis extender work MUCH better if you take penis pills. I purchased 6 month supply of ProSolution pills and one simple SizeGenetics penis extender. Took penis pills for 6 months and tried to wear a penis extender at least 3 hours every day. I managed to gain 3 inches, I think this is better than single penis extender gains!

Author: Tony from Miami

I can't say penis pills are scam, I took penis pills with my SizeGenetics program and I think they helped me. I have better sex drive and stamina and I don't think SizeGenetics did it. Although penis extender is #1 choice for penis enlargement, you can take penis pills for better libido. My program was 3-4 hours of Size Genetics daily and 2 Vimax pills per day.

Author: John from UK

I love the sizegenetics device! It increases the penis length and girth, treats peyronie's disease, micro penis syndrome and premature ejaculation. Take care :)

Author: Anonymous from Ireland

Yeee that's defenetly true,I have used VGRX + pills and some other brand and all I can say about it that's complictly a rip-off your money and 0 results.. I am using now an Extender and it is realy great and works it's and my way towards the great results!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

used for 30 sessions of which total usage time was about 30 hrs. and got a quarter inch in erect length.u can gain even usin it for 1 hr a day.I do plan on increasing the time up to 2 hrs a day,see what that does i guess.Oh and don't try the pills i tried vig rx and it was junk.Think makes u hard and gives u a little while u use it stop and almost all goes away ...Pfft,use the device its best.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

if it's ok for you and there's no discomfort or pains - that's fine, go ahead and use it!

Author: mil from SizeGenetics forum

Is it OK to wear it at night? I wear sizegenetics while I'm asleep and I think it works very good. I don't feel any discomfort and results are amazing!

Author: Steven from TX

It has been almost two months of hard work 485 hours to be exact and gains of 1 inch in length and .5 inch in girth while erect and one happy happy girl! SizeGenetics works.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

SizeGenetics is amazing product, I gained more than 2 inches.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

Hey guys - How do you create tension in the rods? I tried following the video instructions, pressing the unit towards the body before fastening the strap, I wound the bars, etc...nothing. It is stuck on the forth notch on the bars and I feel no tension what-so-ever. Thanks for anybody that can help.

Author: Nick from Ohio

This is almost true. Honestly, you can feel some discomfort at first. This is OK. However the penis extender is not a painful device like many other devices (pumps, weights). You can read this SizeGenetics Forum and notice some men can wear it for up to 10 hours a day!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

it's not painful at all

Author: Nick from Ohio

Anonymous from USA, you don't need any specific manual to learn this device. Just take a look at the video on the official web site and see how penis extenders work.

Author: Anonnj from Georhua

I'm considering purchasing this product. How painful is it to wear

Author: Anonymous from USA

Hi. I received my sizegenetics, but no manual came with it. Since I never tried such a product, I don't even know how to put it together. I contacted their customer support and they sent some instructions that do not work. I can not use it without instructions (pictures would be great). How do you guys use it? Is there a manual available for download? Thanks.

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

good device, I like it

Author: Silvestre from secret place!

I see this SizeGenetics forum is full of success stories and I want to add my review as well: after using the SizeGenetics for 3 months I've measured a full inch gain in erect length from 5" to 6"!

Author: Silvestre from secret place!

The SizeGenetics penis extender device is really easy to use and unnoticeable when being worn, which is great, and the exercises provided with the program help increase gains.

Author: Nick from Ohio

See below, it takes 3 months to enlarge your penis from 5" to 6" if you use the system and 2 months if you use the system and take penis pills. So if you want faster results - buy both pills and penis extender, if you want to save some $ - you can use the penis extender alone.

Author: Anonymous from Missouri

do you guys think i should just use the stystem, or buy the pills and use the system?

Author: Nick from Ohio

Yes, as far as I see SizeGenetic penis extender plus ProSolution penis pills is a perfect combination to increase the penis length and width as fast as possible!

Author: Anonymous from la

can you use size genetic with pro solution to increase the penis length and width faster

Author: Alex from michigan

James, you should have received a separate DVD with exercise program and online access to the exercise website if you ordered SizeGenetics Ultimate System. A single SizeGenetics device does not come with an exercise program and it's cheaper than complete system.

Author: James from OH

does anyone know where i can find these exercises? i checked the disk and tried looking on the sizeextender/jesextender websites but i can't seem to find it ='

Author: James from OH

sounds like maybe i should get these pills and what not, thanks alot nick

Author: Anonymous from MD

Thanks Billy!

Author: Anonymous from SizeGenetics forum

I didn't know SizeGenetics came with a few kind of "straps". This is good, I can choose the one that suits my body. I don't think other penis extenders provide this kind of choice.

Author: Edward from UK

I didn't see great results with penis extender until I started penis extender + pills + exercise program.

Author: Nick from Ohio

James, it's hard to estimate if it slows you down a lot or a little. According to the average grow stats, it takes 3 months to enlarge your penis from 5" to 6" if you use sinlge penis extender. If you add penis pills or exercise program, it will take 2 months. Hope this helps.

Author: James from OH

I'm useing the device and not using the pills or the exercises. is that gonna slow me down a lot or just a little?

Author: billy from down under

throw the 'comfort strap' away and use velcro straps - this 'comfort strap' is an awkward damn thing and doesn't last long either. i've gone back to the loops.

Author: Anonymous from MD

I've got a problem. i can barely get myself into the strap, and when i'm in, if i move at all i slip right out. flaccid i stand around 3.75 and i can't believe that, that's to small for this contraption. any advice?

Author: Anonymous from NY

I want to say thank you to all those who are helping and to those in the future who will help. Everyone here has the same goal and with sizegenetics its possible. Thanks for the tips! Hope to hear everyones input!

Author: RK from Ohio

I just got the Size Genetics or Jes Extender I have been looking at the dvd and I am still unsure if I am using it right. The traction degree is what confuses me. On the DVD the arms screw down into the springbar. Mine does not do that. Also how do you keep the plastic support from sliding off? Do you push it all the way back until it can go no more? I know I sound retarded but please help me.

Author: billy from down under

I've tried this 'comfort strap' and hated it. it lasted barely 4 weeks and was a fiddly blessed thing to put on. i've gone back to the good ol' silicon loops. All i use is some baby powder to kill any friction between the loop and me and bob's your uncle.

Author: billy from down under

I wear it 10 hours a day, with 2 sets of 5 hours straight with no probs - the key is to take it slow. Listen to your willy. If it's hurting chances are you're upping the tension too much too soon for your willy to handle & thus needing to tighten the loop/strap more than is necessary. Reduce the tension to achieve a comfortable fit and only increase it when your willy can handle it.

Author: meme from SizeGenetics forum

I think you should wear Size Genetics as long as you don't feel any pain or discomfort. You know, no pain no gain, but you should not risk your health. If you feel some pain, just take it off and wait an hour. And it all depends on your body, your penis type, etc. If someone can wear penis extender for 10 hours, it doesn't mean everyone can.

Author: Anonymous from NY

meme - Thank you for your help. I think I will try it that way. It just boggles my mind how some can wear it for 5+ hours at a time. If there is some special way, please let us know. We know this is a great product its just I want to have the same results just like many on here.

Author: meme from SizeGenetics forum

I used to have the same problem then realised I can wear Size Genetics for 2-3 hours then take some "rest" then wear it for 2-3 hours more. This makes 5-6 hours per day. I think this should be enough, at least I can notice the difference now after a month, I think I gained 0.5 - 0.75. I didn't measure penis size before I began, sorry.

Author: Anonymous from NY

I would love to wear this device for 8 hours at a time. But I just cant figure out how without it starting to get painful after only a couple hours. There are others here who are veterans though. So I am sure we will get some pointers. Yes the CD is the only manual that comes with it also. This is the JES extender just another name. Still great product. Now only if we can learn some pointers..hmmm

Author: Anonymous from NY

Yes the Size Genetics I received came with the comfort strap. It does seem easier to wear, but while using the comfort foam, without apply enough pressure the head will slip through. So while strapping down just enough to hold the head, for the time being its fine. But later (1-2 hrs) it then begins to become a little painful. So hopefully others in this forum will help us both.

Author: valance from planet earth

well it arrived - one question; why do Size Genetics and JES Extender have separate forums/reviews here when at the end of the day the JES is what SG send you? Is the brief video manual the only manual you get? I was hoping for a detailed written manual with detailed adaption and evolution routines.

Author: valance from planet earth

@ anonymous from NY - are you using the standard silicon loop or the new 'comfort strap'? The comfort strap is supposed to make it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. I guess I'll find out when my SG arrives.

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