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Author: Anonymous from Afrika

Works pretty well

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Author: Anonymous from Romania

Good extender!

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Author: Bernie from Oakland

I like to give things time. I have seen small but noticeable gains so far. Keep trucking

Author: Jeremy Robbo from Fall

Do give it more time you should note more changes soon its not the best you could use but do give it time since it is worth the waited time on how much it increases your penis size.

Author: Anonymous from ProLong System Forum

Goodluck to you !

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Author: Beckett from Detroit

Would this be worth getting my man? Would he be offended??? I hope not, he could use it.

Author: Jordan from ProLong System Forum

It could be considered as offensive since your saying he has a small penis but its really up to how he is, is he strict about this thing or not if not get him it.

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Author: Alex from Mexico

good extender

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Author: Patrick from Tucson, AZ

After just a day of wearing it, I like it. Nobody noticed that I used it during a day! Great comfort and confidence.

Author: Anonymous from ProLong System Forum

Great to hear this :)

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Author: Anonymous from ProLong System Forum

Additional inches gave me much more pleasure and the results are lasting!

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Author: Average Joe from ProLong System Forum

gained 2 inches in 7 months

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Author: Charles from Knoxville

@Anonymous: Yes, this is a right choice! After just a few months I noticed a great improvement.

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Author: Anonymous from ProLong System Forum

Will it help cure Peyronie's Disease? I need a solution and a friend of mine recommended penis extender device to treat penile curvature.

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Author: Anonymous from ProLong System Forum

It may seem that fairly high price is the only disadvantage of the extender.

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Author: Anonymous from ProLong System Forum

Awesome product!

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Author: Mr. Hines from Sevilla, Spain

This prolong extender saved my marriage and helped me through a bad patch.

Author: Robinson Flaio from France

Very good to hear its brilliant considering the ratings its obviously great if you have had your relationship saved with it.

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Author: Anonymous from China

I have not started using prolong extender yet, but here is my review after unboxing it. The extender is manufactured with great precision and made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees that the device, which is expected to bring only benefits.

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Author: James from ProLong System Forum

I don't trust these devices. In my opinion penis enlargement pills should work better.

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